Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hijab-friendly Outfits

Hijabi Outfits! yay! i love to layer and make outfits hijab-friendly. The best part is that you get to experiment and style your own outfits! =)

Here we go!

Outfit # 1~ Girls night out. Simple cardi with a sequined top paired with jeans and boots. Love it!

You can get it here!

Outfit # 2~Running Errands/Weekend outfit. I absolutely adore this! It looks cozy! perfect for those cold days.
You can get it here!

Here are some GREAT winter hijabs. They will keep you warm, cozy AND comfortable!

Mona Lisa: Get it here!
The Cozy One: Get it here!
Bijou: Get it here! *seriously, one of a kind!

What are your staple items this winter?

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